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Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

So you’ve managed to get a potential customer to register on your landing page. Fantastic! What do you do now?

Lead nurturing is the act of following up with leads in a consistent and, hopefully, logical way moving them gently along the path of becoming a customer.

Unfortunately most companies feed these contacts into a CRM database to be sent the monthly newsletter and sales is alert about the new lead. The problem is that up to 95% of prospects on your website are not yet ready to talk with a sales rep. They are on your site to research your product and your industry. Some of those prospects may be truly unqualified, but as many of 70% of them will eventually buy a product from you – or your competitors.

Basic Lead nurturing strategy:

Digital leads can help you implement an effective lead nurturing strategy which is activated as soon as the lead registers on your website.

We recommend a 60-day lead nurturing strategy where your potential customers will receive a series of targeted emails containing useful content to keep them engaged with your business until they are ready to buy.

It is important to not only push your products and services during this phase as the prospect is likely to unsubscribe if you do not provide content that they find informative.

Advanced lead nurturing

We can help track & identify what series of events leads to a sale. Once you know this sequence you can configure lead nurturing campaigns to help fast track this process.

Sequence example: Your business sells high-end cell phones.

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