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Online lead generation is one of the most targeted and cost effective ways of creating a database & marketing in general.

By driving paid-search clicks as well as search engine traffic to landing pages that are designed to capture email addresses and contact information you will greatly increase your chances of repeat traffic/customers. Once you have captured their details you can then create targeted email campaigns to automatically follow up on these potential prospects and re-engage with them when they are ready to buy.

Free Leads

Organic traffic (traffic from Google) is always goal number one. Not only does this source of traffic provide free leads it also has a much higher opportunity to customer conversion rate.

Developing strong calls to action & integrating these through your website is essential to capturing these free leads.

Another benefit is that you can track these leads as they browse your website, this will provide you with rich information about how and why a customer is visiting. You can use this data to help you to identify which leads your sales teams should target.

PPC Gold Mine or Gold Pit?

If you are spending a lot on pay per click campaigns these tactics are essential! If the prospect is still in the recognition of needs faze and is not ready to buy, if you have captured their details you then have the opportunity to market to them when they have moved further down the sales cycle. This helps you to get the most our of your PPC dollar.

Ensure you are tracking the conversion rates on your pay per click campaigns! What’s working well one month might perform poorly the next. Suspend poorly performing campaigns and put these budgets towards new campaigns or high performing ones.

Online Lead Generation
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